Company Type
Customer Acquisition Marketplace
Launch Location
London, England
The Problem
Validate the bussiness idea
Go to market
The Solution
User Interviews
Product Design
Gain first customers
Platforms for iOS & Web

Unity Street allows brands to reduce customer acquisition costs by leveraging the platforms face to face selling network. Unity Street aggregates brands to allow the community to discover, share and earn through their promotion.

M helped us to define our product, launch it and understand how our users were reacting in order to make progressive iterations forward.

Simon Murphy at The Firm Organisation

Product Design

Understanding the problem we are solving allows us to define the solution and the workflows to accomplish it. We worked together with the Unity Street team to research and wireframe the user flows and test them with sample users.

These wireframes allowed us to understand the different user flows and tasks quickly without the high fidelity designs. We could easily understand the prioritization of elements on the screen and to make each iteraction as seamless as possible.

Visual Design & Prototype

Once the wireframes and flows were completed, we moved into high fidelity designs. Using Unity Street's branding, we created beautiful responsive user interfaces for the product. We then created an interactive prototype of the product to get a great understanding of the usability.

Platforms for iOS & Web

With the designs complete, we moved forward into the development of both an iOS and responsive web application for the product. Ruby on Rails was our choice for building a scalable API for the application. We then built the iOS application in native Swift.

The Result

We are extremely proud of what we accomplished with the Unity Street product. We launched the product in London, England and continue to see success as the platform grows.

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