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Company Type
Motor & Parking
Launch Location
The Problem
Traditional pay for parking is a dated practice
There is no platform to pay for parking on the go
The Solution
Product Design
Visual Design & Prototype
Platforms for iOS & Android

ParkByText allows users to enjoy quick, easy and convenient mobile parking payments. Pay for your parking by text, app, online or phone in locations nationwide, including all Luas Park and Ride car parks.

They really care about your product like it's their own. The team constantly think outside the box.

Jason Ballard, CEO at NCPS

Product Design

Together with the parkbytext team, we set out to create newly refreshed design on their parking application. We worked together to research and wireframe the user flows of the parking application.

These wireframes allowed us to understand the different user flows and tasks quickly without the high fidelity designs.

Visual Design & Prototypes

Once the wireframes and flows were completed, we moved into high fidelity designs. Using the already created branding, we created beautiful responsive user interfaces for both iOS and Android.

We then created an interactive prototype of the product to get a great understanding of the usability for our client.

Platform for iOS & Android

With the designs complete, we moved forward into the development of both an iOS and Android applications for the product.

As we were solely building the frontend applications, we worked closely with the client to integrate with their API's and to test the applications.

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