Python/Django Engineer

Remote (~GMT±3)
Software Development
Full Time

At MiniCorp we design, build and grow digital products. We don’t just build products that work, we build products that thrive. We combine the agility of a startup with the capacity of a tech giant to create apps, websites and digital experiences that both our clients and their customers love.

We don’t view our clients as customers, we view them as partners. We always strive to embed ourselves in their company and mission to truly understand their product vision and bring it to life in the most exciting ways possible.

We combine our in-house skills of strategy, design, development and growth with our client’s domain knowledge to nurture and grow products towards profitability and success.

We are enthusiastic, industry focused and extremely proud of the products that we build.

So, what’s the role? 🤔

As a Python/Django engineer you will work as part of MiniCorp's product engineering team and report directly to the engineering team lead. The role will require you to manage multiple project commitments simultaneously while scoping and implementing requested features and changes to our partner's products.

We are also highly motivated by learning and growing in our roles, and constantly evolving is a key part of that.

Does this sound like you? 🙋
  • You value teamwork and a positive team culture
  • You regularly seek new and innovative ways of approaching challenges
  • You may have worked in an agency
  • You are an experienced engineer who has product experience
  • You are an enthusiastic champion of what you build
  • You are an excellent communicator
  • You have an excellent eye for detail
  • You are unafraid to voice your opinions
In this team, you will 📖
  • Oversee the engineering process and progress throughout any given project, making technical decisions and owning the code alongside your team as needed
  • Foster an open, collaborative, and inclusive environment both internally and on client projects
  • Follow and contribute to the project team’s milestones, deliverables and timelines
  • Deliver high-quality peer-reviewed code that follows best practices
These are the skills you'll need 🚀
  • You have 3+ years of engineering experience, and at least 2 years working with Python/Django
  • You have strong experience managing timelines and multiple workloads
  • You have strong experience with frontend and backend production applications using Python/Django and Javascript
  • You must have the ability to work across multiple versions of Django and perform upgrades where necessary
  • You’re comfortable with ambiguity and even more comfortable asking the kinds of questions that lead to clarity
  • You’re adaptable and quick to embrace unexpected changes
  • You’re motivated by feedback and by the opportunity to improve in your role, in the work, and in how you work together as a team
Bonus points ✨

An interest or experience in any of the following:

  • Dev-Ops experience (Heroku, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud etc)
  • Experience working within a product agency and/or client-facing role
  • Ruby on Rails experience
  • iOS and Android experience

The engineering department is primarily full-time remote, so regardless of your setup, you won't miss out!

If you are already based in Dublin, Ireland you will have the option to work full-time remote, partially remote, or full-time from our city-centre office.

If you are based outside of Ireland, you can enjoy working remotely full-time. We are flexible with our working hours but try to keep them within regular office hours for GMT-3 to GMT+3.

Why you might love working at MiniCorp ❤️
  • We are a small company that is young and continuously growing. You will have the opportunity to shape our culture and join us near the ground floor of what is so far proving to be a stellar growth journey.
  • We are dynamic. Therefore you'll have the opportunity to shape your role and career with us based on your ambitions. Spot an opportunity for growth? Or a way to up-skill and improve how you work? We'll want to hear it!
  • You will work with a huge variety of different clients, projects, industries, and regions. From seafood to blockchain; from coffee to music production; you'll never have a shortage of interesting and diverse projects to work on.
  • Our awesome team. We look out for one another and always do what we can to help each other out, whether by offering to help with the workload on a project or just lending time for a quick chat and a coffee.