We're Stripe Verified Partners

Published on February 26, 2019 by Brian Kenny

Our core mission at MiniCorp is to help early stage companies and products grow quickly. We work with our clients to understand the problem and define the best possible solution. We want to help them to validate assumptions and connect with their potential customers as quickly as possible. Once we are learning from the customers, we can iterate on the product at a high pace.

A huge benefit to any young product is speed and agility. As the product is placed into the hands of potential customers, watching how they use and interact with it is the holy grail of validation. It's something we want to have happen as early in the products life cycle as possible.

In MiniCorp, in order to become as effective as possible for our clients, we need to have an extremely solid tool belt. Tools that allow our customers to hit the ground running and know that the underlying foundation is solid. Stripe has been instrumental to us in doing this. Stripe has allowed us to build rapidly growing platforms like Home Care Direct where the Connect Platform facilitates the payment process with ease. It's scaled with every product we've built and provides our clients with the dashboards they need to run the business.

Today, we are proud to announce that we have joined Stripe's Verified Partners network. This partnership will allow us to serve our clients even better by providing them with the knowledge, experience and benefits that could from being apart of the network. Overall, this partnership will help us to accomplish our mission further by providing our clients with the best tools possible to build the companies of the future.

Written by Brian Kenny

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