MiniCorp Reviews: Sonos

Published on March 20, 2018 by Fatima Haidar

Listening to music has become a way of life for a lot of people and is definitely a huge part of our day. Whether we are at home, driving, commuting, studying, walking, or working, we always tend to have our Spotify on the go or the radio on.

For this reason, this week’s review will be about a product that we love and use everyday here at MiniCorp.

Meet Sonos ❤️

Sonos is a sound system that we use to play music in our office. But what makes Sonos so special and why do we love it so much? Well, it is simple, if you are an easygoing person and love sharing with others like us, then you will love Sonos as much as we do.

First things first, how does Sonos work?

Just like a lot of modern sound systems, Sonos is a wireless speaker that you connect to via bluetooth or WiFi. But, Sonos comes with an app that you download on both your phone and your laptop.

After you download the app, you can either connect to it through your Spotify (thus can listen to all the songs that are on Spotify), SoundCloud, or tune in to the radio by TuneIn.

Now that you have everything set up, what’s next? You just look up the song/album/artist that you want and you can start listening to your favourite jam. But that is not the best part.

Sonos creates a queue of songs which you can add to. So you can mix and match your playlists however you like.

So how does it actually help you?

You can share your music

How many times have you wanted to share a song or an album with someone and you ended up either sending them a list or playing it on a computer (which doesn’t produce a great sound to be honest). With Sonos, you can connect to it and play or add a song on the spot allowing both you and your coworkers to enjoy songs with a good sound quality.

Save your ears

Let’s not forget that listening to songs from a speaker is better than having to stick in your earphones all days. I mean, you don’t want to go half deaf by the age of 40.

Use it anywhere you like

In this review, I am focusing on the benefits of using Sonos at work, but originally, Sonos is a home sound system. Do you want to play some music while you are cooking? Do you want to put on some lullaby for your child while he sleeps? Are your friends coming over and would like to listen to something while you are having your chitchats? You can use Sonos too!

Lighten up the mood

It is often that we have our heads down and are hard at work and someone just randomly plays a song that makes us all look at each other and either be like, "Oh what a tune!" OR "WTF is happening? Who put that on?" and we just end up laughing. It is moments like this that make the day even more enjoyable.

You want a little trick? Tell your boss that you don’t have a Spotify account and ask him to sign in with his account on your Sonos application and have fun changing his playlist every time he is listening to something. You. Are. Welcome.

Everyone can use it at the same time

Finally, our most favourite feature, everyone can use it at the same time. So in case your coworker has already stacked up the queue, don’t worry! You can still squeeze in your songs. If you take a look at our queue it would be a weird mix of Picture This, Justin Bieber, Jeremy Loops and some arabic songs.

Written by Fatima Haidar

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